Create warmth and character with wood tiles that combine the aesthetics of solid wood without the commitment of a high price tag. With all the real benefits of solid wood wooden tiles could be perfect if you’re looking to inject some traditional warmth to your bathroom. Mimicking the rhythmic details found in natural wood, our range of wooden tiles can be used on the floor and walls creating a seamless look.

You can lay wooden tiles on your bathroom floor to create a herringbone or chevron design which will bring in a subtle pattern. Alternatively lay the tiles in a straight line for a more classic or reclaimed look.

No flooring can match the beauty of wood. It comes in a huge range of colours, textures and finishes which means it works in any setting from ultra modern to country cottage. It is also very unlikely that wood tiles will ever go out of fashion, classic wooden flooring has been used for hundreds of years and due to it’s classic heritage wooden tiles will always be relevant.

If you love the look of floorboards but want to be practical in a wet area, then wood tiles are the answer. Versatility is another trait that these tiles posses, they can be used in almost any area of the home whilst also being easy to clean and a perfect choice if you want to install underfloor heating.