To create a designer bathroom or to imitate your favourite luxury boutique hotel all you have to do is to install some beautiful stone effect tiles and you're half way there. These stone tiles create the effect of luxurious slabs of pure marble, granite and soapstone with out the huge price tag.

Nothing says luxury like beautiful stone tiles. However, not all of us can afford to install large marble or granite slabs into our bathroom, for a far less expensive alternative you could consider installing stone effect tiles which are made from toughened porcelain. These stone effect tiles are manufactured in large seamless slabs or smaller tile options which will have the effect of marble and other luxurious stone materials. We have a beautiful white and grey marble effect bathroom installed in our Charlton showroom if you would like to see the amazing impact that stone effect tiles can create in your bathroom.

To add texture to your bathroom you could choose large tiles stone effect tiles. There is a huge range of natural stone tiles to suit any room which bring in a stylish solution to bare walls. You’ll find an extensive range of beautiful bathroom tiles in all of our London showrooms ready for you to browse.

A great way to begin to add texture to your space is to use tiles, either as a feature wall or behind a basin or shower. For a softer look, choose tiles or flooring that take inspiration from rippling waves and bring in cosy woven textiles to place onto furniture.