Porcelain floor tiles are a great choice for any home that has a large family or pets. They are impervious to water and are highly durable, so recommended for high traffic zones. They’re also perfect if you have a baby as they don’t absorb odours or bacteria.

Dark grey is a great colour choice for porcelain flooring as it doesn’t show stains. You can also go for a dark grout which wont discolour or mark. To contrast with a dark floor use white on the walls which will add some modern drama to your bathroom. If you prefer a more glamorous look glazed tiles will undoubtedly add some glitz, they are slippery though so keep any shiny tiles on the walls or counter tops.

If you are looking for a maintenance free floor then porcelain tiles are the perfect choice for you. Porcelain tiles do not need sealing and are notoriously hard to chip or damage so no need to worry if you are naturally clumsy! Porcelain tiles are now being designed to look like other surfaces like wood, rubber or concrete making porcelain a great option if you want to add some texture to your bathroom.

If safety is a priority for you and your family, opt for tiles with a textured finish to make them slip free. Textured tiles are a great trend to introduce to your bathroom as many porcelain tiles come with a textured finish, from dramatic waves to subtle dappling.