Patterned or decorative tiles can give your bathroom a hand crafted feel and will add real impact. From Japanese to Moroccan, Mediterranean to Retro, pattered tiles come in a variety of designs and can cater to a wide range of interiors.

Patterned tiles can be used in countless ways, for instance, use a few tiles to add a decorative touch, as a frame around a mirror, or even use patterned tiles to cover every surface in your bathroom. Moroccan inspired tiles specifically will add a timeless quality to your bathroom and create a traditional spa like atmosphere.

If you have a modern bathroom we suggest investing in a gorgeous geometric patterned tile feature wall to really bring your bathroom up-to-date. Decorative tiles are set to be a huge trend for the next few seasons and we love a striking monochromatic design for contemporary bathrooms. If you're looking for something a little bit softer for your modern home why not choose a delicate grey or oatmeal patterned tile instead of the traditional black and white? If you love the pattern idea but you're a little scared to try out anything too decorative you could opt for a simple herringbone or beehive style pattern for your bathroom instead.

If you love vintage style you have the perfect opportunity to have a lot of fun with decorative tiles. From mosaics to subway, from herringbone to oversized square tiles the world is your oyster. Taking the Middle East as a fantastic inspiration point you can easily recreate a Turkish hammam or Romanesque bathroom using patterned tiles. If you love bold colours you can take a trip even further across the globe and look to India as your inspiration, pattern is huge in the Indian sub-continent and interiors over there feature bold pinks, turquoise and green decoration.