Lino unlike vinyl is manufactured from natural raw materials and is another great flooring option for bathrooms. Lino is an earth friendly choice as it is usually made from renewable materials like linseed oil and limestone, eco friendly colorants are also added making Linoleum the perfect option if you like to practice sustainable living.

Like vinyl, lino comes in a variety of patterns and textures. Not everyone’s budget can account for a natural stone floor so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative but still require a luxurious look lino may be the perfect option for you. Lino flooring is also very easy to lay and offers up a slightly warmer and softer feel than real stone.

Linoleum is a great option if you want to install under floor heating and with a lovely soft feeling underfoot, lino makes for a very comfortable floor. Things also rarely break when dropped on lino, ceramics are more likely to bounce than smash meaning lino a great flooring option if you have children.

Lino can look as chic as a tiled floor but is much more forgiving. If you’re a fan of classic style a white and black checked linoleum floor will give the effect of a traditional New York apartment. Other patterns and colours are available too so if you’re a fan of contemporary bathrooms you could always consider installing an Escher inspired geometric design.

Lino has come a long way since it was first manufactured and can look as expensive and as chic as any other tiled floor. It is definitely worth considering if you require a sophisticated room scheme.