Grey tiles are the perfect option if you desire a modern take on a neutral bathroom. The grey trend seen in early 2016 is here to stay and luckily almost any bathroom will suit grey titles in one way or another. For a new update of grey tiles and to modernise the trend combine with pastel or jewel tones.

How to Use Grey Tiles

Depending on the style of your bathroom grey can make the room feel more stylish or warmer, for a minimalist scheme you should opt for cooler tones in either a gloss or a completely mat finish. For a more classic room grey can add in an extra stylish touch, choose a warmer toned grey tile to ensure that a period room doesn’t look too modern.

The colour grey can be used in any style home from a Victorian town house to a new build apartment, it’s versatility is one of its many selling points and the colour is proving a more and more popular choice for bathrooms. The colour grey is very neutral and as it is available in such a wide range of shades it is a perfect choice for most bathrooms. Grey has been seen splashed across all of the interior design magazines and blogs this summer, and it looks like it’s here to stay.