Cruise Compact Close Coupled Toilet with Luxury Seat (Quick Release)


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This compact close coupled toilet is the ideal addition for any bathroom or cloakroom where style is everything but space is limited. Manufactured from A grade ceramic with a flawless glazed finish, this toilet will add a touch of luxury to your room. The cistern is dual flush (3 and 6 litre) and comes with a chrome button. Included in the price is a hard wearing anti-bacterial duraplast soft close seat (replacement seats available for purchase). The toilet seat also has a quick-release mechanism for easy cleaning. As the quick release-seat can be attached to the toilet pan after the pan is already in place this makes installation and replacement easier. The Cruise range comes with manufacturer’s 25 year guarantee.

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Questions and answers

  1. I am interested in Cruise Compact Close Coupled Toilet (open back) product code 9565 £289. Although you name it as Cruise it seems to be the same model as the Pura Arco range. As you seem to deal with Pura products I was wondering if this is the case or whether it is in fact different in any way? Thanks

    • Yes that's correct, Cruise is our own name for the Arco range made by Pura.

  2. When you describe the toilet bowl fitting as suitable to go into the floor. What do you mean by left or right The back of my toilet comes up from the bowl and over and down and into the waste hole in the floor. Is this toilet suitable for my bathroom toilet.

    • Yes, this toilet is suitable for a floor exit in most cases.

  3. Hi! I just sent you a question. Unfortunately I did not realise you were in the UK. Sorry. Shame I am in Sydney Australia. I thought the toilet was nice, everything that is in the UK is nice!!

  4. Would this have the necessary clearance as we have a 2″ washing machine waste water pipe running along the wall which is approx 7″ from the floor level, which goes behind existing toilet, the waste from the existing toilet is connected through a concrete floor soil waste outlet.

  5. I have a floor waste exit and want to know if the back of the toilet would sit flush with the back wall. what is the distance between the back edge of the waste exit pipe and the back of the toilet,

    • The cistern fits flush to the wall and the distance between the wall and the spigot (waste exit) is 120mm.  If you use a flexible waste you may have a little more play.

  6. Hi! We bought this toilet a couple of years ago from your store – the cistern lid and the toilet seat both have been damaged and we’re looking for replacements. Are you able to give us the details of the manufacturer or do you know where we could purchase the lid and seat to fit the toilet?Thanks.

    • Hi – please contact the store you purchased from, I am sure you will be able to purchase spares from them.  Thanks.

  7. Hi I need a replacement seat and cover for the cruis compact close coupled toilet. Can you provide a link to one please ?

    • Please contact one of our showrooms to order a replacement seat. They will be pleased to help.

  8. can this toilet pan discharge from the side, left or right?

    • That is correct. Both left and right hand plumbing options are suitable for this pan.

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