Whether you favour the cold splash of water to wake yourself up in the morning, or you can’t go to bed without washing the day away with a soothing spruce in warm, bubbly water, the Hugo Oliver range of mixer taps are on-hand to make any basin a convenient dream.

Our Range of Mixer Taps

Selecting the perfect taps for your basin is a vital part of creating a set look within your bathroom. If you've chosen to opt for a mixer tap rather than separate hot and cold  pillar taps, rest assured that your style choices are in no way limited.

Typically arriving in chrome, but with brass tone options available among others, a mixer tap brings hot and cold water supplies together to give you an easily-controlled water temperature. You'll find options that can be mounted to the deck of your sink basin or unit, as well as ones that elegantly fit onto the wall behind the basin.

Whether you're opting for a contemporary or classical look with your new bathroom, selecting a designer Hugo Oliver mixer tap will surely add to the style that you're striving to achieve. And, don't forget, if you're struggling to match the vision or idea of a bathroom you had at the beginning of the buying process, or even if you're unsure if a tap set will work with a particular basin, our bespoke bathroom design services are here to help.

See our range of mixer taps at our large shop based in London, or check out our full range on online.


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