Mirabella Frameless Wet Room Screen


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This stunning walk-in shower screen for wet rooms features premium solid brass components, easy clean glass and is suitable for a shower tray or tiled floor. The solid, stylish, premium brass components are expertly engineered and chrome plated to a mirror finish. The specially designed bottom bracket fixes securely to the tile or tray without penetrating the wet room membrane underneath – this avoids voiding the membrane's manufacturer warranty. Available in a range of different sizes, this high quality shower screen is fully reversible and comes with a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee. 

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Questions and answers

  1. Can the screen be attached to a tiled timber frame wall?

    • The screen is frameless and therefore all the weight of the glass is supported by the two brass brackets, which are secured with long screws for stability.  You just need to be sure therefore that there is plenty of reinforcement where the screws go into the wall.  This could be timber provided it is stong and substantial enough.

  2. How does the shower screen fit to both the wall and the floor?

    • Hi – there is a small floor fixing bracket.  Unfortunately this is obscured on the photo in the product page but if you click on the photo you will see a full-sized picture.  The floor bracket has a 4mm nodule which holds the glass in place.  You just need to part drill the floor tile to accommodate this.  Thanks

  3. How can I also purchase the horizontal bar in the picture?

    • Hi – the hoqizontal bar is included in the price (except for the 700 screen, when a corner bar is included).  In case you wanted to purchase the horizontal bar as a standalone product using code 11280.  Thanks

  4. Hi, Do the fixing bracket bolts go through the glass in pre made holes? Cheers.

    • All holes required for the brackets and fitting are pre-drilled, making the enclosure easy to fit.

  5. what is the thickness of the glass?

    • The Mirabella Frameless Wet Room Screen has a 8mm thickness.

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