Gabrielle 2 Part Wet Room Flipper Shower Screen Easy Clean


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If space is limited but you would like an easy access walk-in shower then the Gabrielle Two Part Wet Room Shower Screen might be perfect for you. This minimalist shower screen features an 800mm fixed panel and a 400mm moveable panel, both made from 10mm toughened safety glass with easy clean finish. Install on to a shower tray, or directly on to a tiled or wet room floor for a streamlined finish. This screen attaches to the wall using the supplied slimline aluminium wall profile, which features 20mm adjustment allowing for out of true walls.

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Questions and answers

  1. i have a gap of 1200, i assume that the door when closed so the door aligns with the fixed panel it will fill this gap?
    also will this sit upon your 1200 x 900 slimline stone resin shower tray?
    many thanks

  2. Can or does the 400mm panel run at a 90degree angle to the 800mm panel

    Why does the tray size have to be 1200mm minimum


    • You are quite right – the smaller panel can move freely (including in the 90 degrees position) and the product could be installed with any tray from 800mm upwards, provided there is adequate access space at the end of the tray.  I have amended the description accordingly.  Thanks.

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