Abelia Wet Room Shower Screen 10mm Glass Easy Clean

£369.00 - £439.00

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Create the impressive hotel-style bathroom you’ve always dreamt of with this exceptional quality Abelia Wet Room Screen. The thickness of the glass (10mm) is superior to most and it features a desirable Ultrashield coating – a permanent layer that protects against the build-up of limescale. This can save you precious time when cleaning. There is a minimal-looking 20mm adjustable wall profile made from aluminium which attaches the screen to the wall and the additional chrome plated solid brass bar can be adjusted up to 1000mm for extra stability of the screen. This screen is ideal for use with a shower tray or simply a tiled floor or wet room floor and can be reversed to suit the configuration of your bathroom. Available in a range of different sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your bathroom.

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Questions and answers

  1. Hi, Product code: 17415 comes with the chrome plated solid brass bar about 2 metre high? Does this glass looks with greenish tint?

    • Hi, it includes slim aluminium profile for fixing to end wall, and horizontal chrome plated brass bar, to fix to parellel wall.  The glass is not tinted, the colour in the photo uis just reflection of the tiles etc.

  2. is there a channel for the floor to sit the glass in, how is the glass secured in place in the wall channel
    I am looking at a wet room application
    john mcphee

    • Yes there is a transparent channel that the glass sits in.  The glass is bonded into the inner aluminium profile and this fits snugly inside the outer aluminium profile to provide wall adjustment.

  3. does your price include vat and delivery
    john mcphee

    • VAT is included in all our prices but delivery is extra.  Alternatively you can collect from our warehouse in Watford.

  4. Hi, is the additional chrome bar for extra support necessary for the panel that is 800mm wide? I am after a very minimalist look, so would rather not install the horizontal bar, unless it is required for safety reasons. Thanks

    • Hi – it is as you say a safety consideration.  If you fell against a screen and it was not supported at that corner then the risk of breakage would in theory be higher.  It is really a safety assessment that you need to make.  Certainly being 10mm glass it is less subject to movement than thinner glass, but for insurance reasons we can only recommend to install as per the instructions.  I hope that helps.

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