Walk-in showers were made for minimalists, discreetly fitting into a bathroom without interrupting its overall design. Clear, high-quality walk-in shower screens are the key to creating this modern look, and at Hugo Oliver our designer screens work seamlessly to keep your shower area separated from the rest of your bathroom.

Find your perfect walk-in shower screen

For wet rooms, only one walk-in shower screen is required. A beautifully clear glass screen can be installed to create a divide between your designated shower area and other various bathroom units, keeping them dry when your shower is in use.

For shower enclosures, multiple walk-in shower screens are used to surround the shower unit. From a distance, frameless screens appear completely invisible, and you can ensure the screens remain spotless thanks to a specialised protective coating that repels water and prevents limescale. Many of our designer walk-in shower screens have this feature added to them, making the glass outstandingly easy to clean.

Framed walk-in showers can still give the illusion of an open-spaced bathroom, and chrome frames can help to tie in other bathroom finishing touches like chrome taps and shower kits. Brushed chrome can even add a contemporary industrial feel to a walk-in shower.

Created by some of our most innovative designer brands, our walk-in shower screens are not not only practical but they're also incredibly stylish. To learn more about the designers available at Hugo Oliver, take a look around our showroom or browse our brands page online. Our entire luxurious shower collection can be found online too, don't forget to take a look.

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