Square Ultra Slim Stone Resin Shower Tray (Height 25mm)

£180.00 - £232.00

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Our ultra slim stone resin square shower trays combine all the strength and reliability of a stone resin tray with the design and functional benefits of a 25mm product. You can mount directly on the floorboards, or for a walk-in solution remove the floorboards, build a subfloor between the joists and tank the floor.  This allows the tray height to match that of your tiles. The unique waste access system could save a huge amount of cost and damage in the event of a plumbing issue under the floorboards. This product is manufactured in the UK.

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Questions and answers

  1. Please advise the following:
    -weight of the tray
    -waste diameter/size
    -distance from center of waste to side of tray
    -delivery time
    -confirm material
    thank you

    • I have emailed technical details directly to you. I hope this helps.

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