Rectangular Slimline Stone Resin Shower Tray (Height 40mm)

£29.00 - £499.00

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This contemporary rectangular shower tray boasts a low profile design and has a fantastic advantage which is that is has a timeless appeal that won't need to be replaced to fit in with constantly changing trends. The materials used are WRAS approved and phthalate free, designed to last and withstand rigorous daily use. Available in a large range of different sizes meaning that you can find the perfect fit for your bathroom. Included in the price is a 25 year guarantee on quality.

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Questions and answers

  1. What height is the 110 x 900 slimline stoneware shower plate?
    does it flex when loaded
    Does it have non-slip surface

    • The height of these trays is 40mm.  The tray is rock solid and will not flex.  It has an ABS cap; we are not aware of any issues with slipperiness, but it does not specifically have an anti-slip finish applied.

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