Quadrant Slimline Stone Resin Shower Tray (Height 40mm)

£129.00 - £179.00

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A quadrant shower tray such as this one is a great use of corner space in your bathroom without taking up as much space as the square alternative. The slimline design also helps the tray to look less obtrusive and weighs 40% less than a high-wall stone resin equivalent. The versatility of this tray means that you can combine it with virtually any 800x800mm quadrant shaped enclosure for the finish you desire. You can rest assured that the quality of this tray is no less than brilliant as it's made from highly rated WRAS approved materials which are free from phthalates.

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Questions and answers

  1. Please provide setting out dimensions for the waste outlet.

    • I have emailed the technical drawing directly to you. I hope this helps.

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