A shower tray is an essential part of a stand-up or walk-in shower, but it’s not just a device which safely catches the water and directs it down the drain. In fact, the Hugo Oliver’s range of shower trays come in so many shapes and styles, they will help dictate the design of your shower area too.


Selecting your shower tray


Deciding on a shower tray is often dependent on the space you have to play with. Whether you need a square or rectangular shower tray that can snugly fit in an alcove, or you've got a corner that you'd like to be home to your new shower unit, there is surely a tray in our range that will suit.

With a variety of edge styles, as well as a selection of textures underfoot - important if you're at all worried about the potential for slipping - there are a range of materials you can select from, too, such as steel and resin.

Pair your shower tray with a suitably stylish shower door and shower fitting, and you'll have the contemporary or classic bathroom look of your dreams in no time at all!

You can find examples of our luxury shower trays here online, or our London showroom, and for design advice, be sure to use our dedicated bespoke bathroom design services. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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