Mirabella Frameless Shower Door

£492.00 - £672.00

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The premium Mirabella fully frameless shower door is available with either a left or right hand hinge and no wall profile. This will make your bathroom look bigger since all the weight of the glass is supported by stunning, mirror finish chunky brass brackets. This door has no wall profiles – just beautiful, chunky brass components engineered to a mirror chrome finish. The Mirabella shower door is made from easy clean glass, saving you time. It oozes practical functionality as well as in-style elegance and will make the perfect addition to any contemporary bathroom. Made from premium solid brass components and top quality toughened glass with easy clean finish, this product is great quality and value for money. Boasts an impressive 10 year manufacturer's quality guarantee.

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Questions and answers

  1. Is this door available in the USA?

    • No but we could put you in touch with a freight forwarder if you would like a quotation for transport. 

  2. Whats the height of the door, please.

    • The height of the Mirabella Shower Door is 1900mm.

  3. What are the dimensions for Mirabella frameless shower door?
    In particular the height?
    Also the width of the door, and of the smaller panel that the door is hinged from?

    • The total width of the door is made up of the width of the glass panel, the glass door and the fittings (which are adjustable). The glass door itself is 537mm and has a suitably sized glass panel. The 80A glass door has a 206mm panel, the 80B a 221mm panel. The 900mm shower doors also have a 306 or 321mm panel respectively.

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