Melaine In-fold Shower Door

£359.00 - £379.00

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Sometimes it's not always practical to have a hinged shower door in a small bathroom situation, as furnishings often have to be placed in close proximity to one another and a completely outward opening door is likely to knock into something. Taking this into consideration, the Melanie door features an innovative in-fold hinge which behaves like a regular social hinge, but works in reverse (door opens half into the enclosure instead of out). The door attaches to the wall via solidly-built aluminium wall profiles and is made from toughened 8mm glass with Ultrashield protection for easy cleaning. A 30mm leeway is given for installation to ensure a snug fit with walls which may not be completely aligned. Available in a range of different sizes. 

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Questions and answers

  1. How high is this door and what are the min and max width

    • The height is 1950mm and the adjustment for the 76cm model is 730-760mm.

  2. What guarantee does the Melaine In-fold Shower Door come with?

  3. Can the frame go against a flat wall or does it have to go on a corner wall (right angle) as in the photo

    • The Melaine can be paired with side panels to create a 3 sided enclosure. Please contact one of our showrooms for a complete price.

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