Whether you’re looking to replace an over-head shower that sits above the bathtub, or creating a decadent walk-in shower, a fixed shower head is a perfectly modern – and thoroughly Hugo Oliver – update to the detachable hose and head variety.

Deciding on your fixed shower head


The appeal of the fixed shower head is that it goes hand-in-hand with the feeling of luxury - which is precisely the feeling that Hugo Oliver would love to instil in your bathroom.

From ultra-thin modern heads that mount to the wall rather than the ceiling, to curvaceous chrome heads with a true vintage appeal, there are many design choices to be made when it comes to selecting your fixed shower head.

For a luxurious, classic look, opt for rich, brass tones. A minimalist lover, however, will find an ultra-thin, square chrome shower head works perfectly for their bathroom. Round, square, minimalist and flashy - there are many design styles within the ever-growing range of Hugo Oliver fixed shower heads, one of which we're certain would look right at home in your new bathroom.

Don't forget to look into accompanying shower arms, too - these will support your shower head and hold it away from the wall and, much like the range of fixed shower heads, come in a unique range of shapes and colours.

Our bespoke bathroom design services are here to help if you're in search of expert advice when it comes to selecting your new designer fixed shower head. You'll find a full range of shower heads at our bathroom showroom based in South East London, as well as online.

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