Hugo Oliver vanity units are carefully sourced to provide you with quality and stylish storage space. Every bathroom needs additional space to prevent clutter gathering on surfaces, and our vanity units are the perfect, tasteful solution to storing away those bathroom essentials.

Finding the perfect vanity unit

Your luxurious, designer vanity unit can either fit directly underneath your sink, or extend beyond the width of your basin to provide additional storage and surface space.

Bathrooms that are short on space can opt for smaller vanity units that feature one to two shelves or soft-closing drawers to discreetly help with organisation. If space isn't an issue, larger vanity units can make a bold but beautiful statement and become the focal point for the entire room.

Vanity units can either maintain the wall-hung effect of the basin, or continue all the way to the floor. The elegant floating appearance of the wall-hung vanity unit fits in perfectly with modern bathroom designs, and can help smaller spaces to appear less crowded and fussy. Units which meet the ground often have a sense of grandeur, and sleek, angular designs work perfectly with contemporary bathroom styles. Delicate, ornate vanity units add a touch of vintage glamour, and sleek white glass is the perfect solution for any minimalist.

Our team of design experts can help you bring your vision of a dream bathroom to life with our specialised design services, which can be accessed from your own home or in our showroom based in London. If you're sticking around online, don't forget to take a look at our entire luxurious vanity unit range.

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