Our designer storage cupboards are available in many shapes and sizes, providing solutions for bathrooms of all kinds. Square, rectangular, long or short, no matter what type of cupboard you choose we can guarantee that every unit will ooze style and quality.

Finding the perfect storage cupboard


Wall-hung storage cabinets float elegantly above the floor, and can be placed above basins, toilets or exist independently along the length or width of a wall. Wall-hung cupboards add a contemporary touch to a bathroom, and can be raised to a level that suits you.

Swivel storage cupboards are fixed to the ground, but often have the appearance of wall-hung units as their base isn't on the floor. These spinning cupboards can be accessed from the front and back, often optimising accessibility to the items housed inside them. They look sleek, stylish and very modern.

Stand-alone storage cabinets are placed directly onto the floor, and provide flexibility as they can easily be moved to alternative positions in the bathroom. Wooden stand-alone designs with classic engravings and handles can add a vintage feel to the room, whereas sleek wooden models with chrome fixtures look perfect in an all-white, minimalist bathroom.

Many Hugo Oliver bathroom cabinets are mirrored, and may also feature LED lights, to merge two essential bathroom elements into one functional unit. Like every piece of luxurious Hugo Oliver furniture, every storage cupboard excels with its beauty and spectacular, innovative design. Our bathroom furniture range can be found online, or visit our showroom in London to see the designs first hand.

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