Hannah Steamfree LED Mirror 60 x 80cm


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This gorgeous Hannah LED Mirror can be hung portrait or landscape on the wall making it fit for being hung almost anywhere in your room. The attractive LED illuminated pattern on the front provides ample lighting for your grooming needs and also gives off a desirable ambient lighting to set a relaxing mood in your bathroom. Time can be saved thanks to the in-built heated mirror pad which prevents steam build-up on the mirror’s face, so you don’t have to wipe it down after every hot shower and risk a smeared surface! The edges of the mirror are bevelled which catches the light from the LEDs beautifully – operate by the infrared sensor switch located underneath. IP44 rated: electrically safe for use in the bathroom. Dimensions: 600 x 800 x 35mm.

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Questions and answers

  1. Can you please tell me whether this mirror is in two parts ie, the back part which you secure to the wall then the actual mirror which you hang on the mounted back part or does it come as one complete mirror. And if so how does this mirror come off the wall as i need to replace the infra red switch.If the switch cannot be replaced i shall be buying a new one but first i need to remove the old one from the wall.

    Many regards

    • Hi – it will be a complete mirror, and will have fixing points on the back.  So you simply install 2 screws and hang the mirror on them.  This has the advantage of making it easy to remove the mirror from the wall should you need to.(although the wire would have to be disconnected to remove the mirror completely).

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