No bathroom feels complete without a mirror, and our designer collection of mirrors and mirrored cabinets feature the very best styles from a selection of handpicked interior designers. Whether you’re after a beautifully ornate design or something chic but simple, here at Hugo Oliver our luxurious range caters to every bathroom style.

Selecting the perfect mirrored luxury bathroom cabinet

Mirrored cabinets are wonderful space-savers, and work particularly well in cloakrooms and smaller bathrooms. Even if wall space isn't an issue, placing a mirrored cabinet above a vanity unit helps to keep all those bathroom essentials close by and tucked away neatly.

Mirrored cabinets vary greatly in design, and deciding on which size suits your space is a great place to start if you're uncertain about which style you'd prefer. Singular cabinets can fit neatly into smaller spaces, and larger cabinets can become a focal point in the bathroom, with the large mirrored surface area reflecting light and creating the illusion of a bigger room.

Once you've decided on a size, it's time to think about design. Framed mirrored cabinets can appear more traditional - particularly wooden designs - whereas frameless cabinets with mirrored cabinet doors add a modern, sleek touch to the bathroom. Additional storage space can be added by glass shelves, which can be attached underneath or to the side of mirrored cabinets.

Choosing a bathroom mirror

A vast range of luxury designer mirrors are available at Hugo Oliver, from elegant oval-shaped designs to minimalistic, frameless, rectangular styles. Perfect for period homes and bathrooms that like to make an impact, large, ornate mirrors look wonderful hanging alone against an accent wall. Smaller mirrors can fit perfectly into corners and above basins, helping to open up a room that might be short on space.

Our bespoke mirrors often feature LED lighting to help you see clearer and in more detail, and some of our mirrors even include radio technology to keep you entertained while you're in the shower.

Many of our mirrored bathroom cabinets and mirrors have luxurious additional features to make your time in the bathroom that little bit easier, such as magnified areas and innovative, steam-free glass. To see our entire range, continue to browse online or visit our showroom in London.

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