Specifically designed with the most compact of spaces in mind, our petite basins work wonderfully in small bathrooms and cloakrooms. Regular-sized sinks can seem bulky in restricted spaces, so here at Hugo Oliver we’ve down-scaled the dimensions into neat, compact units.

Tips To Help You Choose Your Small Basin


They may be small, but our petite designer basins definitely don't lack style. For those who still wish to include a floor-mounted basin in their cloakroom, opt for a smaller pedestal style. The depth of the basin can completely alter the overall feel of the unit - deeper sinks with a simplistic design and squared edges are ideal for minimalist bathrooms, whereas shallow squared basins add a traditional element to a cloakroom.

Our small wall-hung sinks are excellent space savers, and perfect for contemporary cloakrooms. Floating freely against the wall, the empty space beneath enables the room to appear more spacious, while providing the option to add towel rails or furniture such as vanity units beneath to increase storage space. Wall-hung basins with curved edges can help fill up those awkward corners, utilising space that would often be left unused.

Our interior experts at Hugo Oliver are here to help you create your dream bathroom, no matter how small. Our bespoke design services include 3D  and Virtual Reality rendering of your new bathroom, making sure everything is perfect down to the very last detail. Whether we're giving your existing small bathroom a complete makeover or transforming an unused cloakroom, our aim will always be to create a beautiful space filled with the highest quality products from our unique designers.

You can pop into our London showroom to view our cloakroom range, see some of our basin range online and chat with our designers.

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