Small sinks require tiny taps, but your cloakroom basin doesn’t have to compromise on style. Dainty but powerful, our miniature taps are available in a vast range of styles from a variety of cutting-edge designers.

Choose The Best Cloakroom Taps To Suit Your Style

The finishing touches are so important at Hugo Oliver, and we understand that the same design certainly doesn't suit every home. We have miniature taps for every need, from contemporary waterfall designs to clever, space-saving basin mixer taps.

Traditional dual tap designs are ideal for adding a classic, elegant touch to a small basin. Pillar taps with a brushed brass finish and a cross head help to create an old fashioned, antique look whereas chrome finishes with levers keep things more contemporary.

Alternatively you could opt for one taps, instead of two, with a basin mixer tap. Perfect for making your cloakroom basin feel less cluttered, the singular tap is functional as well as sleek. For ultra-modern bathrooms, the waterfall mixer tap is a luxurious and stylish option where water cascades into the basin from an open spout. Basin mixer taps aren't complicated to install - they're just as simple as separate hot and cold taps, so no additional work is required.

You can also find many of our taps and cloakroom taps in our showroom.


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