Perhaps the most traditional style, straight baths continue to be a highly popular design. At Hugo Oliver, however, our straight baths are anything but ordinary. This classic style has been reinvented by our diverse range of luxury designers, with a selection of innovative features to make bath time extra special.

Finding the perfect straight bath

Straight baths fit seamlessly into traditional and modern bathrooms. The style itself is beautifully simplistic, and it's often the additional features that transform the overall look. Single and double-ended straight baths are available at Hugo Oliver, with taps located at one end of the tub for single-ended designs, and taps placed centrally for double-ended styles.

Our collection of straight baths feature curved and square edges, and we offer acrylic, enamel and steel baths in both designs. Traditional bathrooms may prefer to pair their straight bath with wooden panelling, whereas minimalists can opt for glossy white panels to hide pipework effortlessly. If space is tight and there's no room to install a separate shower, straight baths provide ample room to install a shower kit and bath screen, combining both into one compact unit.

Our regular and luxury bath ranges, including free-standing baths and corner baths, can be at our showroom or on our online store.

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