A wonderful and sustainable alternative to an acrylic bath, steel baths are the perfect addition to any designer bathroom. At Hugo Oliver, our steels baths ooze quality, guarantee durability and excel in style. With baths from a wide range of designers, from Bette to Kaldewei, even the most traditional or contemporary styles are catered for.

Why should you choose a steel bath?


Coated with sleek white enamel, steel and acrylic baths look fairly similar at first glance. It's the material that sets them apart, and steel baths are known for being stronger and more resilient than acrylic baths.

Our selection of premium designs at Hugo Oliver are extremely hard-wearing, and coated in top-grade enamel to withstand wear and tear. Scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant and eco-friendly, steel baths will look just as beautiful years after you've purchased one.

At first, your steel bath may be cold to the touch, but the natural material is an excellent conductor. Once you've surrounded yourself with warm water and bubbles, you'll soon discover that the water will remain hotter for much longer.

Steel baths are available in a vast range of designs, including corner baths and free-standing baths. The nature of steel enables designers to use sharper, cleaner lines that suit minimalist, modern bathrooms perfectly.

You can find selected baths online, or at our showroom based in London SE7. Whether you're visiting a showroom or accessing our collections online at home, we can offer our bespoke designer services to help you create your dream bathroom.


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