Corner baths are excellent space savers, enabling owners of the smallest bathrooms to enjoy the luxury of a soak in the bathtub. Our selection of luxury corner baths have been designed to fit into the most difficult spaces, without sacrificing an inch of comfort or style.

Relax in your corner bath

A hand-picked selection of premium designers engineer our beautiful corner baths. Each has their own unique style, and many often include a range of special features to ensure your bath time experience is as tranquil as possible.

Curved corner baths are highly popular in tight spaces, as their smooth edging helps the bath to fit discreetly into the space without becoming obstructive. Angular shapes with squared edges make a bolder statement, and can look fantastic in rooms with a minimal, geometric theme or with more space to play with.

For the ultimate, spa-like experience, choose one of our bespoke whirlpool corner baths. Perfect for relaxing the muscles and soothing aches and pains, this luxurious feature is certainly not restricted to larger bath tubs. Soothing, powerful jets can be activated and the intensity can be altered to suit your needs.

Handy seats are also integrated into many corner baths, which can serve a practical purpose as well as aiding relaxation. Corner baths with seats are perfect for people who are unable to lie down in a straight bath and need a helping hand getting in and out of the tub.

Our entire range of corner baths, along with our complete bath collection, can be found online or in our showroom. Every corner bath stocked at Hugo Oliver has been selected with care, and we guarantee nothing but the very best when it comes to design, quality and comfort.

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