Belle 2 Part (300 + 750mm) Bath Shower Screen 8mm Easy Clean


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Any straight bath tub can be transformed into a luxurious and highly practical shower bath by adding the Belle two part bath shower screen. This superior quality screen features a 300mm fixed panel and a 750mm moveable panel. The moveable panel features 180 degree movement (in and out of bath tub), making it a popular family choice. Ultrashield is an astonishing product which through the molecular alteration of the glass composition, renders glass repellent to water, making it bead off the surface on contact. This prevents limescale or dirt particles sticking to the glass. What’s even more astonishing is that Ultrashield never wears off.

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Questions and answers

  1. Company is Sash,Corbel & Peg
    Refurbishment specialists
    :Shopping for one of my projects
    need a screen max 1300mm high with a fixed panel
    like the Belle 2 part ?

    Thank you

  2. I need to purchase only the only a small metal part of the panel that holds the pieces of glass together? It is the bottom metal hinge that is needed. Is it possible to get replacement parts ?

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