Combining the benefits of a relaxing bath with a refreshing shower, shower baths are fantastic space savers. These efficient units are an excellent option for smaller bathrooms, but a bath shower screen is an absolute essential to prevent a slippery bathroom floor.

We believe in making even the most practical bathroom elements beautiful here at Hugo Oliver. Designed by some of the most innovative brands, our bath shower screens do their job brilliantly and look fabulous in the process. Produced with the highest quality glass, the screens are easy to clean and feature a specialised coating that helps to repel water and prevent limescale.

Choosing the right style

Bath shower screens extend, at a minimum, along one third of the bath's length. Using clear glass, every screen provides the illusion of an open space and prevents the screen from creating a divide within the bathroom. Frameless designs are almost undetectable, while chrome framing can add structure to the room and tie-in with chrome shower kits and taps.

Our luxurious curved bath shower screens work wonderfully in bathrooms that do not feature any other angular lines. We also offer folding bath shower screens that can be discreetly tucked into the corner of a bath when not in use, and screens with fixed chrome shelving that provide the perfect spot to safely keep your bathroom essentials in while you're in the shower.

A selection of our range of luxury bathing accessories can be found online. To learn more about the designers available at Hugo Oliver, come down and meet us at our showroom or contact our design team who are happy to offer their interior expertise to help you create your dream bathroom.

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