If you find pedestal designs a little too intrusive, then our wall-hung basins will be perfect for you. The style is one of the most versatile, particularly when it comes to height and size. Hugo Oliver wall-hung basins are available in a range of luxurious materials to suit all bathroom styles, from sleek ceramic to strong steel and elegant stone.

Our Range of Wall-Hung Basins

Notably smaller than other basin designs, wall-hung basins are perfect for saving space. Many of our specialist cloakroom basins feature wall-hung designs, and the innovative style can fit into the tightest corners and smallest spaces. The free space underneath the basin can be utilised for storage, or accessories like towel rails can be added. Height isn't restricted with wall-hung basins either - you can tailor your sink to be the perfect height for you.

Wall-hung basins work wonderfully in modern, minimalist bathrooms. Their unobtrusive, unfussy designs are simple but elegant and add a hint of style without dominating a room. The depth of the basin is flexible, and ultra-slim designs tend to blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

Structured, angular basins in rectangular shapes can make an impact in any modern space, while curved wall-hung basins lean more towards traditional designs. The finishing touches can make all the difference, and a cool chrome finish to taps ensures the design remains ultra-modern.

Our collection of wall-hung basins features designs from some of the most innovative designer brands, and our entire luxurious basin collection can be found on our online store or at our showroom. Here at Hugo Oliver, we also offer bespoke design services to help you finally create the bathroom you've dreamt about.

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