Simplistic yet stunning, countertop basins have been designed to fit directly onto worktops or vanity units. The perfect sink for the minimalist, every single Hugo Oliver countertop basin has been crafted from the highest-grade materials, including ceramic, marble, glass and stone.

Choose from our range of designer countertop basins

The countertop basin is the ideal sink for style-conscious individuals, especially those short on space. Vanity units and cabinets placed below worktops provide plenty of space to discreetly house your bathroom essentials without interfering with the basin's design.

We have a diverse selection of premium designers at Hugo Oliver, each offering a unique approach to the countertop basin. Ultra-slim, angular basins in classic white ceramic work wonderfully in highly modern settings, and deeper, oval-shaped basins can provide a spa-like feel to a bathroom. Texture is particularly important too, with marble countertop basins working exceptionally well on top of sleek, glossy white surfaces and neutral stone basins adding a contemporary touch to wooden vanity units.

At Hugo Oliver, our bespoke designer services are readily available to ensure your dream bathroom becomes a reality. Examples of our large range of basins, from pedestal to wall-hung, can be found online or at our London-based showroom.

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