A sink might be an essential piece in every bathroom, but to the design team here at Hugo Oliver, our basins have become much more than that. We aim for our luxurious basins to be a focal point in every single bathroom, remaining practical while looking beautiful.  It doesn’t matter if you’re after an entire bathroom redesign or simply require a stylish upgrade – we have every style covered in a huge array of basins from a collection of inspiring designers and all in a range of striking materials, including stone, marble and ceramic.

More About Our Range of Basins

Our goal at Hugo Oliver is to install time and space-saving elements into every bathroom, all without sacrificing an inch of style. Our solid surface basins and counter top basins are perfect for bathrooms that are short on space, while counters and cabinets can easily be fitted around them to help you get the most out of a room.

The pedestal basin may be one of our most traditional designs, but many of our featured designers have added a modern twist to help it adapt into more contemporary bathrooms. Along with floor-mounted basins, pedestal basins are ideal for concealing pipes elegantly. This design is ideal for those who want to update their sink without facing complex pipe work.

It doesn't matter if your bathroom has traditional charm or embraces the minimalist trend, our vast selection of high-quality basins will cater for every style. View our selection online, or contact our design experts for further advice.

Some examples of our wide range of basins can also be found in our showroom in London. Our team of interior designs are available here to offer their specialised design services, but if you can't make it to showroom don't worry - this can also be organised directly from your own home.

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