Over time, all bathrooms require a spot of DIY to keep everything running smoothly. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can cause difficulties, even though they’re often incredibly simple to fix. At Hugo Oliver, we have an entire range of plumbing accessories designed to help you solve any issue easily and, of course, in style.

Naturally, as taps are turned and showers are used, particular fixtures begin to show signs of wear. Everything needs replacing eventually, but our luxurious plumbing accessories are designed with durability in mind, promising to withstand the test of time for much longer. Here at Hugo Oliver, we take great care in designing pieces that epitomise quality, regardless of their size, and perform to the very highest standard.

Whether you're shopping for spare parts or need an immediate fix, we have a vast range of plumbing accessories to help your bathroom feel as good as new. From the very tiny products like radiator valves and wall-mounting fixings, to statement accessories such as bath pillar legs and shower hoses and heads, our collection will be able to help you find a solution to any plumbing problem.  Our accessories don't have to be kept in case of emergencies either, and you can instantly improve and refresh your existing bathroom by installing one or two of our plumbing accessories.

If you're in London, don't forget to pop into our showroom to explore our entire range of designer bathroom accessories in person. If you're located elsewhere, then you can view the whole luxurious collection of bathroom accessories online. And don't forget, at Hugo Oliver, we have a team of interior designers who are available to provide expert design advice, whether you're simply updating your existing bathroom or require a complete bathroom makeover.

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