Stepping out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel is one of the most soothing sensations imaginable. We appreciate comfort at Hugo Oliver, and heated towel rails are certainly one of our favourites.

Heated towels rails may sound like something purely practical, but here at Hugo Oliver they're all about style as well as functionality. Our luxurious designers strive to add elegance into every single element, and when uncovered our towel rails are sure to look effortlessly stylish.

Aside from warming your towels for you before you step out of the water, heated towels rails also provide a convenient solution to drying damp towels. It can be difficult to ensure that your bath sheets dry completely, and using a heated towel rail avoids any unpleasantness by preventing germs from forming, keeping your lovely fluffy towels perfect for longer!

Just about every bathroom has space to add a heated towel rail, and we offer a wide range of styles in various shapes and sizes. The Saneux Solo dry electric towel rail can be used individually in small spaces to hang a singular hand towel, or multiple rails can be used - perhaps against an accent tiled wall - to create a feature piece in the bathroom. Traditional ladder style towel rails are composed of sleek, clean lines and can be extended along the entire wall, providing space to dry multiple towels at once. Curved rails or rails with thicker chrome panels also add a modern touch to the bathroom.

Heated towel rails are just one kind of luxurious accessory that completes a Hugo Oliver bathroom. You can view all of our other luxury bathroom accessories online, or visit our London showroom to consult with our team of interior experts.

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