Hush Timer Fan

£74.00 - £90.00

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You'll be stunned to silence when you hear just how quiet the Hush T Fan really is. Its volume level is a miniscule 25 decibels which is quieter than a mere whisper. The low volume however, does not have any effect on the efficiency of the product: this fan will shift 97 cubic metres of air in an hour. A handy timer is fitted so that you can have ultimate control over the fan, even when you're out of the house. Also available with a humidity sensor fan so that it will turn itself off once the moist air has been removed from the room. 

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Questions and answers

  1. have fitted this unit with the humidity sensor but all it seems to do is stay on all the time, tried adjusting timer and humidity control but nothing happens. any ideas have i got a faulty unit ???

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