Cosytoes Trademat Plus+

£76.00 - £449.00

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For underfloor heating we recommend Cosytoes Trademat Plus.  It is a premium quality product being one of only 2 brands in the UK to have attained the KEMA safety standard, and unlike the leading brand it is manufactured right here in Britain.  The matting provides a comfortable 150W per sqm heat output, spread evenly thanks to the mat layout.   Thanks to the unique "tack and stick" adhesive backing it is possible to position (or reposition) the matting firmly and accurately prior to cutting.  This reduces the risk of unwanted movement and makes installation super-easy. Use one of the complementary Timestats to allow you to set the optimum temperature and choose when you want your heating to go on and off.  For best results we also recommend Jackoboard.  This makes an excellent substrate and is also an essential insulator, ensuring maximum heat efficiency and minimum warm-up time.

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