Nobody wants a dark, dingy bathroom – especially if you’ve just spent time and money perfecting its design. Having a well-lit bathroom is essential, and brighter spaces help smaller rooms appear more open and spacious. At Hugo Oliver, we have an entire collection of designer lights available. Each of our featured styles has been carefully created to enhance the beauty of your bathroom

Bathroom lighting styles

They may be small, but our spotlights are powerful. The perfect solution for those who desire a brightly lit bathroom without interrupting the space above. Spotlights that are installed directly into the ceiling help to provide a seamless look overhead. To keep things luxuriously discreet, choose a white exterior as it helps the unit to blend easily into the ceiling. For bathrooms with chrome or brushed brass taps and fittings, opt for a matching exterior to ensure continuity.

Multiple spotlights can be arranged across the ceiling, and how many you require is entirely up to you and the size of your bathroom. Adding more than one light is particularly convenient for bathrooms with unusual layouts, and it can help to prevent shadows from being cast. Every corner can be brightened, and we even provide a selection of specialised shower lights for shower enclosures that can be switched on safely in water.

If you're looking to update an existing light, or perhaps have a smaller bathroom that only requires a single light, there are a large variety of styles to choose between. From larger spotlights to crystal lampshades, whether your bathroom is traditional or ultra-modern, we're sure there'll be a design at Hugo Oliver for you.

Our designer bathroom accessories can be found in our London showroom or on our online shop.

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