Add a touch of naval tradition to your space by incorporating glossy white finishes and seaside themed accessories. You can achieve the style of a beach house bathroom easily by using neutral fittings and natural elements combined with a classic navy blue.



Covering your walls or floor of your bathroom in textured tiles will bring the pebbles of the beach into your home. Opt for natural colours like pale grey or sand to stay true to the tones found on the beach. Naturally textured tiles with no pattern work best but for a more modern look you could use narrow rectangular tiles mixed with larger ones for a striking effect. Oversized tiles work really well on flooring to replicate soft sandy beaches or for another effect, try laying down polished concrete or even laminate.

Organic Shapes

Bathroom fittings that echo the natural forms of smooth stone or even boats will work extremely well in a seaside themed room. Baths, sinks and toilets with rounded edges and furniture with a curved shape is a subtle way to reference nautical style. Keeping your fittings white is a classic look but you could also inject other colours like the quintessential blue or even red if you prefer a bolder design. If you’re not a fan of colour warm toned woods will evoke a ships deck and add an extra layer of texture.


It’s important to hold back a little with regards to styling as your bathroom could easily turn from a stylish beach house to a novelty hotel very quickly. A few seaside touches like model sailboats and shells will look lovely but hold back on covering every surface with old fisherman’s nets and stuffed seagulls. Taps that have a similar shape to a ships wheel or have a similar design to the brassware found on a boat will always work well. Adding in some striped textiles will also add to that beach-like feel, the good thing is that stripes don’t always have to be blue and white, any soft colour will work.


A nautical theme enables you to think outside the box and is the perfect excuse to use some unexpected materials in the room. Fashioning a hanging shelf from reclaimed wood and rope is a great way to store toiletries and hand towels whilst wood panelling on the walls or the side of a bath will have a similar look to a sailboat. If you prefer a more contemporary look simply introduce lots of glossy whites, blues and red for a more modern twist on nautical style.

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