Sustainable features include a steel bath with insulating layers, FSC wood wall surfaces and bath seat, and stone floor tiles with underfloor heating
The wood shelf is made from FSC-certified wood which is sustainably sourced, maintaining habitats and minimising risk to the environment.
The bathroom features a solar, thermal heated shower/waterfall, and abundant natural light – with triple glazed viable tint glass walls, recycled glass tiles, stone floor tiles with energy efficient underfloor heating, and a recycled porcelain bath with heat insulating gap
The steel bath with insulating layers is extremely durable and can be recycled. It also retains heat for longer with the help of insulating layers
It features a body drier, radiator and FSC wood wall surfaces. Using a body drier instead of towels is sustainable as it reduces the amount of energy spent on washing drying and ironing
Featuring a smart shower system that flashes red when too much water has been used – with body drier and radiator
Smart shower system turn red when you use too much water
Featuring a toilet with smart flush to save water, FSC wood shelf and abundant natural light so less electricity is used for lighting purposes
Featuring reclaimed wood furnishings and skirting, a toilet with smart flush, and energy efficient LED lighting
Featuring recycled glass tiles, FSC wood shelf and laminate wall surfaces. This bathroom also benefits from natural light via a defuse skylight, biometric sensors with smart OLED mirrors, and automatic energy efficient LED lighting
Featuring energy efficient LED lighting, FSC wood shelf, recycled glass tiles, and biometric sensors with smart OLED mirrors
Sustainable materials and smart technology are brought together to create the ultimate luxurious sustainable bathroom