Below you will find everything you need to know from delivery times and costs to where we ship. If you have any further queries about options for receiving your goods please feel free to contact us or visit us in store and we will be more than happy to help.

What shipping options do we offer?

Hugo Oliver offers two different delivery options for orders made via our website:

We can deliver the goods to you.  The charge for this is £40.  We will usually collate all the items for your order together and deliver in a single drop.  However, if you have space restrictions on site we may be able to split your goods into separate shipments.  For example we may be able to ship first and second fix items separately, although typically we will charge more for this due to the additional costs.

Alternatively, you can collect from our Charlton shop.  Please call us in advance so that we can arrange to have all your items ready for you when you arrive.

How long will it take to get my goods?

Usually we recommend to allow 2-3 weeks for all the items to arrive from our suppliers.  Sometimes we can expedite this process if required, or recommend products which are on a short lead time or already in stock.  Bespoke items may take longer to arrive.  We will discuss this with you before you place your order.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Hugo Oliver can only send goods direct to mainland UK addresses. If the despatch address is overseas (including to the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, the Channel Isles, Northern Ireland and other territories of the UK that can only be reached by crossing the sea) we can advise on the use of a freight forwarder for onward shipment. Once goods arrive with the freight forwarder, safe delivery of the item is the responsibility of the customer.

When will I know the date of my delivery?

When the order is scheduled to leave our warehouse you will receive a dispatch email. Prior to your actual delivery our logistics department will call or email you to arrange a date that is suitable.