No-nonsense baking regulator and young mum with the perfect Hugo Oliver bathroom installed and delivered.

Maggie Hicks, Greenwich Aleksandra King from Hugo Oliver meets Mrs Hicks who worked with Hugo Oliver to create a new Bathroom for her family home in Greenwich
3D bathroom design case study- hugo oliver A 3d rendering on Maggie's bathroom design produced by Hugo Oliver
Hugo Oliver 3D bathroom design
Maggie Hicks, Greenwich
3D bathroom design case study- hugo oliver

Working mum Maggie did not want to worry about choosing the best tap out of thousands of taps or spend hours selecting the best tile shade when it came to her new bathrooms. She simply wanted to hand this all over to someone she could trust with all the talent, skills and knowledge required and this is why she came to Hugo Oliver. Our designers took Maggie's brief of clean, modern and high specification bathrooms and took care of everything from design to installation. Maggie did not have to lift a finger... except of course to pour the bubble bath into her luxurious new bath! Come and visit one of our showrooms and see what we can do for you.