Young family with a family style bathroom for the children and a spa haven bathroom for the adults.

Aleksandra King, Southgate Aleksandra King's house had two new bathrooms and one cloak room designed and fitted by Hugo Oliver's team of experts.
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Aleksandra King, Southgate
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Aleksandra was after two very different bathrooms. The first, a 'family style' bathroom for children and next, a 'spa haven' for the adults to enjoy. Hugo Oliver took the brief to the next level.

The Liliane Square Vanity Unit with Basin proved very resistant to splashes since all the little ones decided to brush their teeth at the same time and splash about everywhere. What the children enjoy most though is the Mergabser Double Ended Square Bath which is large enough for all of them to bath in at the same time and all their toys too! 

Hugo Oliver really created a master piece with the loft bathroom. The true spa haven for adults comes with many, high quality and extra special products such as matching his & hers Geneva Oval Basins, Impey wetroom system and luxurious Arlo Back to Wall Toilet with Soft Close seat.

These two bathrooms are more than just bathrooms. They are little worlds that are there for both function and pleasure.