Pozzi Ginori have some interesting designs to give your bathroom that 'designer' feel.

Its origins date to 1735, when Marquess Carlo Ginori was one of the first people in Europe to begin manufacturing a precious grade of ceramics. Now Pozzi Ginori have advanced far beyond the initial 18th century business and have introduced many innovative ideas like Rimfree ® technology. Rimfree ® has eliminated the presence of the rim in their collection of toilets making them more hygienic and easy to clean.

Pozzi Ginori’s beautiful collections of modular fittings and furniture feature warm colour pallets, wood textures, gloss finishes and, of course, their famous ceramics. If you want to bring a sense of contemporary serenity into your home the 9.15 range may be for you. Many of their ranges are inspired by organic forms like pebbles and lakes, but if modernity is more your style take a look at their blocky and monolithic Tower collection.


Anna Palmer     Interior Designer