Walk-in Luxury

My husband, during our extension, made his thoughts quite clear to me, “all I want you to make happen is a walk-in shower. That’s all I want”.  Good job he wasn’t designing the house.

The space we allocated for our ensuite, no matter which way I placed things, did not fit the kind of walk-in shower my husband was after. He wanted a shower of all showers with entry from both sides.

How to tell my daughter she wasn’t going to have an ensuite after all because we needed all that space to add to ours?  She didn’t like it. Not one bit. ‘Her bedroom is RIGHT NEXT to the bathroom anyway; she doesn’t need an ensuite!’ my husband pointed out. Good point.

The builders were informed just in time and I quickly produced some new drawings of our (much larger) ensuite, complete with the all-singing, multi-functioning, walk-in shower. My feeling sorry for my daughter soon gave way to excitement and, to be honest, an absolute conviction that we needed a larger ensuite way more than she needed one at all.

A wet room used to conjure up, in my mind, water everywhere. It seemed impractical. The reality is, with careful planning, the room is kept pretty dry; water really doesn’t need to be an issue.

Our ensuite is exactly 2m wide. We decided the shower would go at the end and placed on the shorter wall. I had a false wall made (10cms in depth and 1m wide) and placed centrally on this wall, which enabled me to have a recessed shelf with an LED light and more LED strip lights placed in channels and set flush to the sides of the false wall. This helps to showcase the shower. A single shower glass placed in front and there you have it. A very happy husband.  I was worried 50cms either side to enter would be a squeeze but I was proved wrong. We both love our shower and I now find myself buying beautiful bars of soap to place on the recessed shelf, in fact, if I just got soap for Christmas I’d be happy.

My husband is the driving force behind our shower screen always looking like it has just been fitted. No steaks or marks of any kind. That’s because he insists we use the window wiper he bought to wipe away the water on the shower floor, shower front and shower glass. I have to admit, it doesn’t take long at all and the results are well worth it. He’s a very useful husband.

Good quality shower glass comes with a coating that makes it easy to clean. Sometimes it is promoted as self-cleaning glass, but the term self-cleaning is misleading. No glass will truly clean itself. These products are more accurately described as low maintenance. The chemical coating stops the drops sticking to the glass and therefore leaving limestone steaks, but there will always be a few marks unless, like us, you either window wipe it off or towel dry after each use.

Novellini and Showerlab both do lovely shower glass. Novellini are less expensive than Showerlab as their glass is the normal 6-8mm thickness. Showerlab’s come in at 10mm giving it that extra robustness.

We went for Novellini and are pleased with our choice. Mind you, when our friend’s child stretched his arms out to grab onto it and shook it like mad, I started to wonder if we should have gone for the 10mm one…

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