The Ultimate Guide to Running the Perfect Bath

As a nation, we can all be partial to a relaxing soak in the tub from time to time. But for something that’s meant to relax you, it can often be a real pain when there’s a part of it that’s slightly out of whack.

Follow our guide to running the perfect bath and never falter on the road to relaxation again.

Step one – the temperature

How hot or cold your bath is can be one of the main factors in deciding whether or not it’s relaxing. To get a perfect temperature, simply check the water every now and again as it’s running and don’t be afraid to add a little more hot or cold once you’re in there. Ideally, your bath should be a couple of degrees warmer than your body temperature.

Enjoying day spa

Step two – the scents

Whether you’re a bubble bath, bath oil or a none-at-all kind of bather, being surrounded by nice aromas while you relax can definitely take your bath game up a notch or two. Just make sure you choose complimentary scents and don’t forget to factor in scented candles.

Scents such as lavender can be perfect for stress relief, while chamomile can be great for lifting your mood. Other popular scents include sandalwood – ideal for reducing tension – and ylang ylang, which is known for its soothing, stress-relieving properties.

In fact, certain scents have been proven to help improve your overall wellbeing. This article from the Huffington Post looks at various studies that explain how scents such as cinnamon can help give your brain a boost, while pine scents can help to alleviate anxiety.

Step three – set the mood

Now you’ve got the bath essentials down, it’s time to think about setting the scene. Lighting, for instance, is a big factor, and no one likes a soak in the tub set to the backdrop of the extractor fan whirring away.

Turning the ‘big light’ off can help you unwind. Dimmer lighting, or even candlelight can be perfect for setting a chilled-out mood – ideal for unwinding before bed.

Spa setting

Step four – the optional extras

Depending on your mindset, you might like to add little extras to your bath time. Some like to safely prop up a laptop far enough away from trouble so they can watch their favourite shows, while others like the radio, a good book or even a trashy magazine to flick through.

Sometimes a little entertainment can help you to switch off, but more importantly, make sure you don’t take any smartphones, work or other stressful distractions into your bathroom sanctuary. There’s nothing worse than seeing a work email pop up when you’re enjoying a cosy soak in the tub (not to mention the risk of having a ‘phone lost and ruined in the tub’ kind of situation)!

Having a little entertainment in the background can help you make the most out of your bath, and as the average time spent in the tub is around 30 minutes*, that’s just enough time to get through an episode of your favourite sitcom!

Now you’re in a state of bather’s bliss, finish off your bath with a glass of your favourite beverage, and you’re good to go! Have we missed any all-important essentials for running a relaxing bath? Head over to Facebook and tell us what makes your bath perfect!

*Statistic taken from our survey of 1,009 people conducted by The Leadership Factor.