To tile or not to tile…

Work is well under way in our new, extended house. One bathroom has been installed leaving two more to be done. Our new bathroom gives me pleasure every time I enter the room. No more sink half falling off, no more uneven floor, no more broken extractor fan which resulted in mould growing on the ceiling. How my bathroom gleams.

A few years ago, I decided to re-grout and replace the silicone around the bath. It wasn’t just the silicone that came off – two tiles and a huge lump of plaster came away, leaving a gap too deep to fill with just Polyfilla. Knowing that within a few years we were going to completely re-furbish, I decided to come up with a quick solution. I needed something that was just the right thickness to sandwich between the wall and tiles (and would stick well to Polyfilla). Of course – an old flip-flop!

How I rummaged around for that old flip flop I knew I had somewhere (another reason to extend the house). Once found, it was cut to the right size and inserted – it worked a treat.

The builders looked very puzzled when they pulled away the old tiles to reveal my old green flip flops. I tried to look puzzled too…

We have had so many people comment on how much they love our new tiles. I have tiled only half the room and painted the rest which helps the tiles to stand out and gives an elegant feel to the room. You then have the option to change the paint colour in future giving a whole new look to your bathroom.

When designing Hugo Oliver’s showroom in King’s Cross, I tried to include a wider range of tiles that would appeal to most. I still enjoy walking around and admiring the tiles in their new settings; I just hope our customers enjoy them too!