Tips to Making your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

We can’t all do a full overhaul to make our bathrooms 100% eco-friendly, but there are a few quick and simple ways to start the process today. Begin to save water and electricity with these tips- some will also help give your bathroom a new look and feel.


A leaking toilet can waste a shocking 200 litres of water per day. It’s never a bad idea to replace your toilet with dual flush toilet that uses just 3-6 litres per flush but in the meantime you can do your part by quickly fixing any leaks. According to you can detect a leaking toilet (if it isn’t obvious already) by putting a few drops of food colouring in the cistern. Allow it to sit for one hour, without flushing the toilet, and then check if the colour appears in the bowl. If you do see colour, then you’ve got a leak.

Replace Light Bulbs

A quick and simple fix for any room in the house, replacing your bathroom’s light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs will help you reduce electricity usage in this small room. If your bathroom has enough natural light, get into the habit of keeping the light off during the day. Instead of using a standard night light you can also consider installing a motion-sensor light.

New Taps and Shower Head

Switch your old leaky taps or shower head for new low-flow or aerated versions. Once known for lowering the flow just a bit too much, modern aerated shower heads still allow you to enjoy plenty of pressure. And just as with leaking toilets, make sure to repair any leaky taps as soon as possible.

Natural Cleaning Products

Take the chemicals out of the bathroom and start using eco-friendly cleaning products. You can even use common household items like vinegar and baking soda to clean chrome bathroom fixtures, basins and baths.

When it comes time to remodel, stay in the green mind-set by using recycled materials, keeping plumbing fixtures where they are (to avoid using further materials), using water-saving fixtures and re-purposing used furniture.