Bathroom Organization Tips

Your bathroom should be a place of serenity. Keep it calm, clean, and uncluttered with our tips. The bathroom is a place where you prepare yourself for the rest of the day and where you get ready to call it a night. Make the most of your space with these bathroom organisation ideas. It is time to finally get all those towels and toiletries in order and begin enjoying your clean space.

Get rid of any old towels, products or rubbish. It’s a lot easier to organise when you have less to work with so have a clear out. Place the items you use most frequently to the front of your cupboards and shelving so it’s within easy reach.

Smaller stackable containers are better than a single large container, which can often end up looking like one big junk bin. If you want to be able to see exactly what’s inside, consider clear plastic tubs.

Line your baskets and shelves with an easy to clean plastic lining. Between lotions, potions, and other spill-prone liquids, bathroom shelves can get dirty fast. One quick wipe and the linings will be spotless.

Lazy or forgetful people are more liking to hang up a towel than fold it neatly so install hooks instead of rods. Hooks also happen to be great space-savers and you can install one for each family member.

Store shampoos, conditioners, and shower gels into stylish containers instead for a sleek-looking bath area. For a unified look you can decant your lotions and potions into pretty vintage class bottles or if you like modern design try using simple metal or plastic bottles with pumps.

Bathroom drawers are second only to junk drawers in their potential for messiness. It’s too easy to toss grooming products in there whenever you’re done using them. Wooden boxes and trays help categorise the items and are available in various sizes and materials, so they can be mixed and matched to fit any sort of drawer.