Rules for Office Bathroom Etiquette

Office bathrooms. You’d struggle to find one that doesn’t have a ‘polite’ notice reminding people about the basic etiquette you would have thought fully grown adults would have already mastered. With any communal area will always come disagreements however so below is a light-hearted list of bathroom rules which should stop toilet habits becoming the main topic of conversation in the office.

1.Save the conversations for when you’re back in the office. Whether you bump into a colleague at the urinals or are in separate stalls, this isn’t the time for a chit chat. Aside from the fact that many find this awkward, you never know who or what you could be discussing when someone else walks in.
2.It may sound incredibly obvious but don’t forget to wash your hands. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone walk out of a bathroom without visiting the sink first – especially if you know that person is going to touch the printers, phones and tea-making facilities that you are likely to use as well.

3.Not all bathroom doors are kind enough to make it obvious when they’re locked or not and believe it or not, a surprising number of people either forget to bolt the door or have encountered a broken lock but make a quick dash for it in the hope nobody will come in. Walking in on someone on the loo is embarrassing enough – let alone when it’s a colleague you’re going to have to face every day. To prevent this from happening, rather than slowly opening the door in the hope nobody is in there, look for feet underneath the cubicle – a definite sign that the bathroom is occupied.

4.If you use the last of the toilet paper either replenish the stocks or inform the person who does. There’s nothing worse than sitting down and realising you’re faced with an empty loo roll.

5.If you’re in a large office and there’s always a queue for the toilets, don’t use this as the place to carry out your personal grooming. Whether you’re putting wax in your hair or touching up your make-up, you’re just going to aggravate co-workers by taking up unnecessary space.

6.Keep it clean. From ensuring you flush the toilet to throwing away paper towels and empty toilet rolls, do you bit to keep the office bathroom as tidy as possible. No poor soul wants to spend their lunch break cleaning up other people’s mess so if everybody cleans as they go then the whole office is happy.